Taking a long break like this unexpectedly also affects somewhat on the psychology and the physicality of the children.


If the children just eat, sleep, spend all day at home reading stories, watching TV, using the phone, they will gain weight significantly, affect their heart and be more passive in the outside environment.

Some comments that this will replace the summer vacation for the children. But, parents may be do not fully understand the nature of the summer vacation that the children will be relieved of pressure after handling a large amount of excercises, they can participate in extracurricular activities, travel, come home to visit the grandparents … will be an opportunity for the children to be exposed to the surrounding environment more. A surprise vacation, too long free time will make children tend to “excess energy”, prefer more activities such as running, playing soccer, … right at home. Everything in the house will become messy and parents will feel more headaches with their children.

Fami Nuts will share some measures that parents can take to make their child’s anti-epidemic days more meaningful!

1.Tell your child more about what is going on

The level of impact on the body so that they do not mistakenly think this is “a long Tet holiday”. Help your children build awareness of themselves during the epidemic season such as limit going out, maintaining hygiene…

2. Make the schedule for activities and study:

Explicitly schedule your child’s work to be done. Avoid the disturbances in activities when your child is not going to school like sleeping … Instead of the time your child goes to school to study, study at home. Parents should follow up and seriously let their children perform on their own.

3. Do housework to release energy:

From a positive perspective, this will also be an opportunity to help parents closer to their children. Please guide your child to do housework such as washing dishes, sweeping the house, joining your child in the kitchen and making meals for the family, gardening … It will help children how to do housework while teaching them necessary life skills to help them have more responsibility for where they live.

4. Healthy entertainment:

Limit your child’s use of many mobile devices, instead by games that stimulate their creativity and excitement such as puzzles, drawing,… Or better yet you can exercise actions with your child indoors such as yoga to improve health.

5. Reading, reading and reading books: 

Everyone knows books are an inexhaustible source of knowledge. When there is not too much homework, children will have more time to read, which in turn will form extremely useful habits. Don’t forget to share with your children what they retain after they are finished reading. It is a way to help parents understand their thoughts as well as share opinions so that they can have a better viewpoint.

6. Nutritional supplement to increase the immune system:

 For a well-functioning apparatus of the body, there must be good “fuel”. Providing energy for your children with nutritious meals and choose for them “smart” snacks such as yogurt, fruit, nutritious nuts (walnuts, cashews, .. .). Parents, if they feel “confused” about the nutrition formulation for their children during the epidemic season, they can refer to here.

Plague is something that none of us want. The problem is what angle we look at it, let’s reduce the confusion a little bit. Instead, help your children adjust their thinking and lifestyle to the current situation.


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