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Faith At HGA, we believe that understanding nutritional needs correctly and choosing a well-balanced diet will help nurture a healthy body. Read More EXPORT Nutrients source from nuts is the solution added to the diet of each person to keep the body healthy for a long time

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Nurture Love Incubate Wisdom Nutrition products from love FAMINUTS is constantly researching and innovating to bring nutritious and convenient products to customers who need Read More Projects a complete - balanced diet.


We bring nutritional solutions, convenient and suitable for customers who have high nutritional needs, who want to maintain durable and healthy energy from within.

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With the desire to bring Vietnamese products to the world level with quality products, processed under modern technological lines. Products that are deeply processed from nutrition nuts, suitable for each target group and have international standards are our product development strategy in the coming years.

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About Our Company


HUYNH GIA AGRI JSC main activities in the field of processing, exporting, importing, distributing and retailing agricultural products, especially nutrition nuts such as cashew nuts, lotus seeds, sachi inchi, maccadamia, walnuts, almonds. The company is particularly focused on branding for value-added products and building a domestic and foreign distribution system.

Our employees are the backbone of our company. Lawnella has an ongoing employee training program that includes a regular schedule of seminars and information updates on turf afety procedures.

great explorer of the truth, the master-builder of human happiness. No one rejects, dislikes, or avoids pleasure itself, because it is pleasure.

3000 m2 manufacturing factory in Binh Duong

3000 m2 manufacturing factory in Binh Duong

100 Products from nutritious nuts

100 Products from nutritious nuts

5 groups of products from nutritious seeds, more than 100 SKUs, diverse in packaging and size.
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Loving Nutrion

Nutrients are shared with all love to bring a healthy life from within.


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