Do you know beneficial of cleaning pepper? It’s not only normal spices in meal but also effect of curing many diseases. Therefore let’s explore this mysterious use right now!


Cleaning pepper beneficial:


In a study of Michigan University, There are piperine, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, flavonoid, carotene and antioxidants can restrain growing of cancer.

Beneficial for the digestive system:

The piperine compounds in black pepper create hydrochloric acids that help digest proteins and other foods in the stomach.


The shell contains phytonutrients which can stimulate the breakdown of fat cells, promote perspiration and urination, and are regular to reduce water inside the body.

Improving skin:

Crushing and rubbing clean pepper on the face can remove dead cells, provide oxygen and nutrients.

Curing colds and coughs:

Thinning phlegm, reducing congestion by spicy of pepper

Avoid depression:

Peperine inside clean pepper increase brain cognitive, which help brain work better, avoid depression.

The caution in purchasing of clean pepper:

  • Don’t buy crushing pepper.
  • Pepper must have natural black color, whether peeling the shell must still has black cover. Customer shouldn’t buy white pin head because it is bleached by chemical.
  • If the black pepper discolora to gray, it’s pepper in low quality.
  • High quality has a strong aroma

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