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About Our Company

We Can Create an Environment That’s Beyond Your Imagination.

Main activities in the field of processing, exporting, importing and distributing agricultural products, especially nutritious nuts such as cashew nuts, lotus seeds, sachi, macca, walnuts, almonds, chia seeds …… form of raw materials for food processing, making milk seeds, natural roasting and drying, flavoring, mixing nuts.

The company is particularly focused on branding through deeply processed products from nutritional seeds such as nutritious nut milk, nutritious nut bars, nut cakes, grain cereals, granola …

- Creating the value and making a difference of the product, bringing organic products around the world to Vietnamese consumers. - Promoting Vietnamese agricultural products, especially nutritious nuts

- By 2020, Huynh Gia Company will meet all international standards of food hygiene and safety. - By 2025, Huynh Gia Company will complete the organic farm system that meets quality standards, as well as commit to provide organic products.

- Spirit and Responsibility - Towards consumers’ health - Cooperation for Mutual Benefit