On the occasion of International Women’s Day 8/3, Global Group organized a full day of love experience for all women at the company. This is an annual event at Global which is also a beauty cultural expressing the cohesion and love at the company.

On the early morning, the men of Global was present at the office to put hand-to-hand rose bouquets and special small cards designed with images and names for each women, thereby sending the most sincere wishes

Global’s Lada radio program broadcast at 13:30 every Thursday is also special on 8th March . In “10 minutes of love”, Mr. Phung – President of Global Trade Union, on behalf of the company’s men   sent best wishes and a lively song to all beautiful “flowers”.

Global organized a warmth love party at the 5th floor of the company’s office. Here, the atmosphere is extremely happy and bustling by the performances of the Global Group’s men. More especially, the cooking and flower arrangement competition for men has contributed to creating a full day of love, warmth and meaning.

In addition, on March 8, the Northern branch office (Hanoi) and the production division at Binh Duong factory took place many activities to give flowers, organize intimate and warm parties, in order to send the best wishes to the beauties of the company.

Thank you to all Global Group’s man in general and Huynh Gia Agri in particular for remembering and celebrating 8/3 meaningful day for women. This is a motivation for women to work and dedicate more to the company and make an important contribution to the prosperity of the Global Group family.


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