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Roasted flavored cashew kernel


At the beginning of 2015, our R & D team started to develop and produce roasted cashew kernel mix with spices, coffee and other taste, we have traditional and modern flavors to meet the needs of every region. Sweet taste for the young, Spicy taste for all ages, we have a 100% impregnation for vegetarians.

Our formulas are full of creative and attractive flavors. Raw materials and spices are always clean and organic standards. We say no to fried methods to keep the nutrient content, clotting and natural vitamins in cashew nuts. Our products are carefully studied and tested from raw materials, processing and packaging.


Trade name

Main tastes:

Roasted cashew kernel coffee taste

Crunchy, real coffee taste and extract, natural caffeine, polished- dark color.

Roasted cashew kernel honey ginger taste

Crunchy, gentle sweet, honey taste, polished- yellow- dark color

Roasted cashew kernel spicy taste

Spicy hot - spicy supper hot, crunchy, taste of fresh pepper, chili, natural bright red color

Roasted cashew kernel Nori seaweed taste

Crunchy, great taste of seaweed, light salty

Roasted cashew kernel wasabi taste

Crunchy, special and specific spicy tast from wasabi extract