Seed milk is a nutrition food and great recipe for the digestive system but it’s not easy to cooking by yourself. Therefore this post will help you to update the experiences to make delicious seed milk at home. Seed milk
  1. When should we start seed milk for your children?

Parent should start seed milk after 6 months baby should be breastfed, Seed milk should not leave 1 day or re-cook. The caution for parents, who have habit storing milk in the refrigerator, you should cook enough milk for one day because during this period, the child’s digestive system just begins to get food, still very weak
  1. Choosing ingredients:

Choosing elements is the most important in making seed milk because the child’s digestive system just begins to get food, still very weak Such as: Green bean, cashew nuts, macadamia, almond, etc. we should chose reputable brand. If you need high quality ingredients, you can contact with Fanuts House to buy nut ingredients. you can rest assured with Fanuts House in quality of nuts. Furthermore, you need to add more spices such as: Cinnamon powder, cinnamon oil, Vanilla oil, etc. to stimulate taste.Mixing many kind of nuts can improve growing of brain(Macadamia, pepper)
  1. Choosing blender:

In the experience making seed milk, we need to have suitable blender. Soymilk maker can save the time because it can cook and flit the raw material. On the other hand, Soymilk maker can contain small capacity. If you don’t have soymilk maker, you can use blender. But you will have to re-filter and it will be wasting time.
  1. Seed milk time line

In the process of making the seed milk, the most time important task is soaking the seeds. We should be paid to the time of soaking seeds to ensure that the nutrients of the seeds are not denatured.
  1. Making and preservation seed milk.

Seed milk can be preserved in cool refrigerator compartment during 2 or 3 days (specially, almond milk can be preserved 4-5 days).However, the best time to enjoy is first 2 days. I would like to advise that you should make 1 litter and drinking in 2 days. Finally, parents should contain BPA plastic bottle and glass bottle to preserve the quality of seed milk. HUYNH GIA AGRICULTURE JOINT STOCK COMPANY – FAMINUTS BRAND • Head office: 80/2 Yen The, Ward 2, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City. • Tel: (+84) 3848 7769 • Hotline: 0869 129 799 • Email: • Website: | • Fanpage: • Hanoi Branch: 6 Van Phuc, Ba Dinh, Hanoi • Factory: 109 Vinh Phu 40, Thuan An, Binh Duong >>> Learn more: WHY SHOULD WE DRINK AND HOW TO MAKE SEED MILK?                                    

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